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The P2S Community Forum's are private and only viewable to registered users.
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The P2S Network Community Forum's

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P2S was formed in April 2009, our old forum's at is end of life. It is still hosted but no longer accepts new members. All further discussions regarding prepping, survival and self reliance will be made on these boards.

Our forum's are private and not accessible to unregistered members, guests and bots.

You are welcome to register here if you have an interest in preparedness, survival, self-reliance and associated topics.

If you wish to discuss geopolitics, politics in general, the great reset, the NWO etc, then this community is not for you.

Once you have registered you will be able to view our site rules and policies, and our Introductions Forum only.

Introductions are compulsory if you wish to join our community. Once your introduction has been posted it will be verified by a member of the admin team. This is to ensure that you are not a spammer, but a genuine person.

Use the following template to compose your introduction:

Who: Tell us a bit about yourself, any relevant experience or skills, are you prepping for yourself/family/partner?
What: What are you looking for from the forum and what can you bring to it? This is not a trick question if you have little or no experience, we all have to start somewhere.
Why: Has something happened to make you want to join us, maybe the recent weather, redundancy/job insecurity, the growing financial crisis in Europe or was it something else?
Where: Where are you based, it doesn't need to be an exact location just the nearest place you are comfortable with so one of our local Area Reps can help you find your feet on the forum. It helps if you place your location in the "title box" when you compose your intro. EG - "Hi from Essex" etc.
When: When did you start to think that you needed to plan for emergencies and problems? What have you done about it so far (courses, self-sufficiency, skills-learnt etc …)?

We don't want sensitive, personal identifying details. But we do want to know if your interest in joining this private community is legitimate.

Thank you
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