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Welcome to the P2S Network

P2S was formed on the 7th April 2009. Its continued aim, to not only provide a knowledge base for those interested in UK preparedness, but to also bring likeminded people together. To nurture and encourage the growth of a nationwide network of support for anyone interested in survival and self reliance.

Historically, survivalists have been branded as right wing extremists, doomsdayer's, mad, selfish and 101 other negative phrases. Primarily labelled the same by mainstream media whose sole intention is to gain readers.

However, those that are prepared are less of a drain on infrastructure and supply chains than those that are unprepared and panic when faced with uncertainty.

The C19 Pandemic is a very good example of panic induced by media coverage resulting in selfish bulk buying. If everyone maintained a reasonable store of essentials then the need to panic buy would be vastly reduced. This would result in less contact with other people, help with infection control and ultimately help the NHS and save lifes.

Our community consists of men and women from all walks of life. From students to front line NHS staff. From builders to those home schooling and everything inbetween. Their common ground is to be prepared for uncertain times.

If you think you would benefit by being better prepared then please consider joining our free, family friendly, community forums. Click here...